Proti Diet:The Best Protein Diet for Weight Loss

In the 1970's, incredible research by  Georges L. Blackburn, a professor at Harvard Medical School, created what we now call the protein diet. He studied the metabolic, biochemical and psychological implications of depriving oneself of food or fasting. He concluded that contrary to popular belief,  the body draws energy from fat when deprived of food, and not from the muscles. 

He also established that protein was capable of maintaining and protecting the muscular density of the body. His analysis means that if we are able to reduce carbohydrate and fat intake in our body  and have enough protein, our body's mechanism will convert the fat in to the energy it needs. Your muscle is not worn out but the fat melts off faster thus making it a healthy weight loss diet.

 All high protein diets for weight loss including the Proti Diet are based on this ground breaking discovery that we can lose weight fast whilst maintaining muscle strength.




Proti Diet: A Healthy Weight Loss Diet


Proti Diet is a medically developed weight loss method that guarantees* 3-5 lbs of weight loss per week. Protein diets for weight loss have been in effect for many years and they are proven to work. Another great benefit to this type of weight loss is that it doesn’t require much effort on the side of the dieter and could easily be called a Pick-up-and-go plan.

How the Proti Diet for Weight Loss Works

A number of meal replacements per day** are required in order to reach the desired protein intake that the body needs in order to maintain muscle mass and feel energetic and satisfied.

During the period you’re on the weight loss plan, you’ll be in regular contact with your weight loss consultant. You’ll be required to visit our clinic on a weekly basis so we can monitor and take readings of your health progress. Once you’ve reached your desired weight loss goal, you enter the maintenance stage where you’re primarily on your own. The protein diet for weight loss is one that you can easily monitor yourself. In time, it will become part of your regular routine and your weight loss plan will be easy to manage without much need for assistance. Visits to our clinic become more infrequent and the meals supplements required are reduced significantly. Please call to schedule your free consultation NOW!

 *Individual results may vary   **Usually 4 are sufficient. 

 Your weight loss consultant will determine the exact number according to your needs.





We Provide The Following Services

Complete Medical Background Assessment

A health check report using a machine enables us to figure out the best possible plan based on any allergies you may have. As a weight loss clinic with integrity we believe this is an important step to take before considering any weight loss plan for you.

Weekly Consultations

Our weekly consultations help us to analyze what is working for you and what is not. This is why in many ways we are a medical weight loss clinic, as we analyze situations and understand how your body is reacting to your tailored dietary plan.

Motivation and Support

We understand that any weight loss program is tough and you will have days when you need advice. That is why we are there to offer you support every step of the way. This is part of what we believe makes Medilean the premier weight loss clinic in London- ON.

Nutrition Plans and Supplements

Based on your specific needs, we will work out a healthy nutrition plan that will help you maintain a balanced diet as you make progress with your weight loss goals.

Body Composition Analysis

This analysis helps us understand your needs. Your BMI will help us define exactly what weight loss system is suitable for you. The BMI report provides information on 28 points such as organs, the nervous system, bone density, and skin density.


I lost 28 lbs in 10 weeks with great coaching and easy to follow diet.




I lost 18 lbs in 6 weeks. I needed to lose weight really bad for my sisters wedding.




I lost 12 lbs in the first 2 weeks. I am on track to shed 70 lbs. I cant wait to do it.





Attention to each individual need to achieve desired weight loss results is our hallmark. We have an abundance of satisfied clients.




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